Gillian Szollos

I am a health policy, promotion and education consultant who uses a ketogenic diet to control my epileptic seizures. My knowledge and passion have helped many others  optimise their ketogenic diets to achieve their individual goals.  I am privileged to be able to interview people from all over the world who use ketogenic diets therapeutically and share their stories. My writing and public speaking engagements serve as opportunities to build community and share successes while drawing attention to the therapeutic possibilities of a ketogenic diet to change lives and in many cases, save them. 

I have completed Professional  Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition and Treatment   through the Noakes Foundation and I am a member of the Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition 

Public Speaking

Please contact me directly about public and or motivational speaking opportunities. 

Some conferences I have spoken at include:

  • KetoCon 2018 Austin,TX -Keto for Epilepsy: It works for adults too
  • FDRS: Treatment of Fat Disorders, April 2019 Baltimore, MD - Keto for Lipedema: How low can you go? (Insulin)
  • Mental Health Youth Summit, March 2019 Keynote speaker, Challenging Times: Addressing the impact of youth mental health on the family when stigma abounds and supports are lacking.
  • Low Carb Cruise, May 2019 -Respecting  Bioindividuality when Choosing Your Low Carb Path
  • KetoCon, June 2019 Austin, TX- Respecting  Bioindividuality when Choosing Your Low Carb Path
  • Low Carb USA, August 2019  San Diego, CA. - Getting Off On The Right Food: Understanding nutritional nuances that can make or break a low carb approach 


I do provide consultancy services on a case by case basis. Some of my services /areas of expertise  include:

  • Therapeutic goals review
  • Epilepsy/Lipedema/Fibromyalgia/Stubborn weight etc.
  • Designing/understanding a well balanced ketogenic diet
  • Collaborative relationship building with primary care providers
  • Patient navigation
  • Referrals
  • Tracking/Testing Information

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