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Choose a clear title that discribes your findings.

Before/ After (collect the same data for both)

List your medications; Complaints: (pain, sleep, burning mouth, cramping etc);  Pain (daily/often, weekly, monthly or rarely (less that once a month) . Issues being treated (list eg diabetes, fibromyalgia, infertility etc). Quality of life ( very poor, poor, neither poor nor good, good, very good);  Weight


Tell us about what led you to the point where you decided to start a ketogenic diet. eg History of seizures, constant migraines,  cancer diagnosis, infertility. Try to be as specific as possible with any diagnoses that you have been given. Tell us what you were doing before the change. Diet, exercise medications ( specific doses) Any side effects Emotional: (eg. tearfulness, anger) Physical: (eg. palpitations, sweating, insomnia, cramping) Psychological (eg. depression, anxiety)


What changes did you make? 


Be as specific as you can be here eg. macros, grams of fat/protein/carbs. Did you keep a food log? maybe you didn't- did you cut out certain foods? etc.


Type and duration and how often, dates started. 


It is really great to have before and after numbers to show.  Try to share HbA1c, Uric acid,  and eGFR, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL TC/HDL ratio,  C reactive protein and any other inflammatory markers which were recorded. Whatever blood work you had to achieve your diagnosis --you should repeat exactly 3 months after starting Keto and then after 6 mos and 9 mos and 1 year if you can. If not then baseline and six month data can give you excellent feedback. DXA scans are also excellent investments as they can give you a very accurate reading of your fat mass and lean mass as well as your bone density. If you can, plan to have a baseline and see the change after 6 mos of Keto. 

Learn more about labwork

Patient Insights

Talk about what you noticed, the impact that the change had on you. 


Can you make recommendations based on your experience? Recommendations for individuals, physicians, other professionals? Only use this section if you can provide a very good rational for making the recommendation. Otherwise use the patient insights section to tell the world why keto has worked for you. 

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