You Can make A Difference!

Invest in the research you want to see

Lets come together as a Keto community and start raising money for the desperately needed human trials that show that Keto can be a lifesaver.

We all know big pharma won't fund a study based on nutrition so lets do it ourselves. My hope is that together we can raise money for desperately needed human trials for Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson's and more.  

McArdle Disease is a great place to start as it  is a prime example of how keto can help real people who are suffering . Please take a minute to read Keto Lifer Letizia's story (link below) to see how doing the opposite of the current dietary recommendations (supplementing with sucrose) and switching to keto has helped this young girl.

I would like to kick off this fundraising effort by asking for 70K for McArdle's research, so that we can bring awareness to this rare disease and demonstrate how effective Keto is in managing this muscle disorder.  

The time is now. The medical community needs to know the profound impact of this lifestyle change on diverse health outcomes. Put your money where your mouth is-- donate the equivalent of a Starbucks fatty coffee ($5) or a bag of Bulletproof coffee($20), or a months subscription to Ketocrate ($50) or even the equivalent to a split side of grass fed beef ($200) . 

You choose what you can afford. Let's  be the ones who decide what gets published. The researchers are ready. Let's let the committed scientists who know this works actually publish human trials. They can do it if we help them.  Lets get keto in the news. Be a part of something amazing!

Carpe Diem friends. Seize the day! Lets do this!

Let's see how fast we can make this happen! 

All funds received will be managed by the International Association for Muscle Glycogen Storage Disease and go directly to this project. 

Who is involved?

Dr. Stacey Reason and Jeremy Michelson have teamed up with respected keto researchers Ryan Lowery and Jacob Wilson to do this study. They also have support from Dr Eric Westman and nutritionist extraordinaire Emily Maguire and of course me and now YOU.

For those wishing to donate over 100$ and receive a tax receipt please contact me directly through this site.