N = 1 Citizen Scientists Unite

How to create a poster presentation


Learn how to simply and elegantly display the most important information you have learned from your n=1 experiment and share it with the keto community. Be a change maker. Start tracking today and submit a poster. 

Biohacking 101


Learn about how you can become an expert on your own body. From tests and measurements to how to capture long term data. Become a citizen scientist and share your findings with the keto community in a poster presentation.

Poster Presentations


View poster presentations which people just like you have put together to share their keto data. This poster hall will be a place where others new to keto can find inspiration and guidance and for those who do not yet believe in the powerful effects of this lifestyle to find overwhelming evidence. 

My favourite books

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From basic to scientific. Something for everyone.

My favourite resources


Here is where I keep all of my favourite educational resources.

Public/ motivational speaking


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