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N = 1 Citizen Scientists Unite

How to create a poster presentation


Learn how to simply and elegantly display the most important information you have learned from your n=1 experiment and share it with the keto community. Be a change maker. Start tracking today and submit a poster. 

Biohacking 101


Learn about how you can become an expert on your own body. From tests and measurements to how to capture long term data. Become a citizen scientist and share your findings with the keto community in a poster presentation.

Poster Presentations


View poster presentations which people just like you have put together to share their keto data. This poster hall will be a place where others new to keto can find inspiration and guidance and for those who do not yet believe in the powerful effects of this lifestyle to find overwhelming evidence. 

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From basic to scientific. Something for everyone.

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Public/ motivational speaking


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KETO all day every day

Keto Lifers

Stories of individuals who are achieving amazing health results with a ketogenic diet. From Epilepsy to Cancer, Parkinson's to PCOS read their stories here

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Helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results with a ketogenic lifestyle

Become a citizen scientist today - No sales - Just Support

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My Blog

Keto Can Cure -Epilepsy: Claire from

Check out this great video of my interview with Claire from In it we discuss how keto helped her daughters epilepsy, her sons eczema and  alopecia, and how she and her husband are helping the community kick sugar-for free, with an online course anyone can join!

Austin KetoCon workout

Watch this fun video of me getting over my strangegymaphobia with Danny Vega and Robert Sikes. Resistance training is so important for everyone but even more so for people on a therapeutic ketogenic diet as often they are at a greater risk of bone loss due to medications and inactivity. If your not ready for a gym the guys will walk you through simple at home options and share their own moments of intimidation when faced with new challenges. 


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Has a ketogenic diet changed your life for the better?

If you use a ketogenic diet All Day Every Day  to manage your illness (Cancer, Epilepsy, PCOS, Infertility, Mental illness, Diabetes, Autoimmune diseases, COPD, Parkinson's, etc.), or are planning to start,   I would love to hear about it. Tell me how your keto diet has changed your life.


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I am not a doctor. I have started this community as a way to bring people already pursuing a ketogenic lifestyle for health together in a meaningful way and to support those considering a ketogenic diet. The information provided here is free of charge and for educational purposes only.  Any support or information presented whether through online/in person meetings, through email or through content should not be considered medical advice. 

Always consult with your primary care physician.